With Down Under Toilet Seat Covers there's no more squatting, or wiping and lining the seat with toilet paper and hand towels.  

Down Under Toilet Seat Covers pay for themselves with a significant reduction in the usage of toilet paper and paper towels, unnecessary plumbing and cleaning costs, and lost time of employees making their own toilet seat covers.

The biodegradable, environmentally friendly Down Under Toilet Seat Covers are 100% disposable and self-flushing, eliminating any need to touch the toilet seat.

Down Under Toilet Seat Covers provide a protective and hygienic barrier between you and the seat.  Down Under Toilet Seat Covers eliminates exposure to bodily fluids and harmful bacteria such as E. Coli and Hepatitis A.

The fact remains that no matter how "spotless" the facilities may appear, a multitude of strangers have previously used and compromised the hygiene of these facilities.

Everyone will have improved sanitary conditions and will feel more comfortable using public facilities that have Down Under Toilet Seat Covers.