About Us

Down Under Toilet Seat Covers is a 100% Australia owned company, based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Having travelled the world, we have seen disposable paper toilet seats covers EVERYWHERE!   Except, Australia.

In this day and age we are all aware and concerned about the many bacteria and germs that can be present in public toilets.   As our lifestyles currently mean that it is impossible to avoid the use of these facilities and sharing toilets, we aim to alleviate these problems and provide an environmentally friendly alternative.

As the name suggests, Down Under Toilet Seat Covers are disposable paper toilet seat covers that are put on the toilet seat before you sit down.  We are committed to ensuring that our disposable paper toilet seat covers are of world-class quality.  

Our products are subject to strict quality control and testing methods to ensure it meets these requirements.

For the wellbeing of… your family, your business and you!