Down Under Toilet Seat Covers come in 3 convenient size packs:

Professional, Personal and Pocket

  • Professional: A Carton with 25 dispenser packs (200 toilet seat covers per dispenser) Ideal for businesses / public facilities. $ 125.00 per carton  (plus GST $ 137.50)
  • Personal: A dispenser pack with 200 toilet seat covers (perfect for travelling), $ 10.00 per pack  (plus GST $ 11.00)
  • Pocket: 10 paper toilet seats covers, wrapped discreetly to fit perfectly in your bag, purse or pocket, $ 2.50 per pack  (plus GST $ 2.75)

We can also supply a discreet chrome dispenser unit for each toilet cubicle, $ 10.00 each  (plus GST $ 11.00)


The Down Under Toilet Seat Covers Dispenser can be mounted on a toilet stall wall or on a permanent wall behind the toilet, or on the toilet door.  They provide ease of use.


Discounts apply for bulk purchases. Contact us for a quote.